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I saw your killer in my dreams

Between reality and fiction

I saw your killer in my dreams
  • 978-960-03-5487-4
  • 208 pages
  • 2012

A beautiful young girl vanishes into the night. In her small provincial town, police and locals say she lost her way on the road to easy money. A reporter sets off after the girl while the trail’s still hot. Guided by her intuition, she embarks with a strange dream and ends up making a startling discovery. Her investigations reveal a host of suspects, each one leading on to another, all of them involved in a bizarre tale packed with riddles and secrets. She searches for signs that will lead her to the guilty party. A strange relationship develops between her and the perpetrator. A hidden diary with sins from the past and predictions for the future. Intrigue, love and passion flash by at a cracking cinematic pace, and the reader is never off the edge of their seat. An exhilarating adventure; a script only life knows how to write.