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The widow from Piraeus

A novel

The widow from Piraeus
  • 978-960-03-5456-0
  • 320 pages
  • 2012

It’s 1910, and Laura Alfieri-Roma settles in Piraeus after the loss of the person dearest to her in the world. She’s in search of his past and looks for traces of him in every part of the house. She feels his aura in the garden and follows his shadow through the streets of the Pasha Port. But a magical city can take you by surprise; anything can happen, and Laura finds herself drawn into an exhilarating adventure as fate brings her face to face with unexpected strangers and surprising events. In this new, unfamiliar world, Laura will set of in pursuit of a self which is simultaneously hot on her heels. She’ll wonder if life gives second chances and travel out of the darkness and into the light before finally discovering that the greatest happiness of all lies in our love of life. The sequel to her best seller, The barefoot girl of Athens, the novel is also a captivating novel in its own right.