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Anonymous bankrupts

A book about the Greek crisis

Anonymous bankrupts
  • 978-960-03-5432-4
  • 248 pages
  • 2012

We’ve all wondered at some time or other what we’d choose to do if we were told there were only forty-eight hours left until the Earth was destroyed. The menu usually includes sex and debauchery, throwing money around, favourite music and flavours, a variety of extreme acts, taking leave of our loved ones, then sex and more sex. The menu definitely doesn’t include this endless, whinging misery, this blaming everyone and everything, this addiction to news broadcasts predicting imminent disaster, and to pessimistic, fatalistic articles. So, the end of the world can’t be nigh, can it? A book that turns the foreigners’ clichés about the Greeks—and the Greeks’ about themselves—on their heads, and searches for answers and certainties on a planet close to collapse. In other words, the adventures of a nation that went to bed one night among the thirty richest countries in the world and woke up the following morning on a park bench, a pariah.