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Love brings an ancient goddess back out of the past

  • 978-960-03-5401-0
  • 576 pages
  • 2011

Troy, 1853. An infant with golden locks and violet eyes is found in the Skamandros river between two villages—one Greek, one Turkish—which have hated one another for centuries. She is Dastar, the patron goddess of ancient Troy, and she has come back to life to search for her lost love. Dastar grows up in the poor houses of the villagers—with Greek Kleito, Turkish Hattoura and the old witch who tells the future and sees the past—and in the mansions, too, of the local Levantine landowners. She approaches the most celebrated archaeologists of the age, Heinrich Schliemann, Frank Calvert and Jimmy Mellaart, and guides them to the ancient treasure so it will once more see the light of day. A tale of a three-thousand-year-old love which races like a whirlwind through the pages of the book. An tale of dangerous passions, and an unputdownable allegory for the timelessness of love.