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Kastaniotis Editions S.A was established in 1968 by Athanassios Kastaniotis, who is today the Chairman and Managing Director of the Publishing Company.

A Romance of Scoundres

A Novel

A Romance of Scoundres
  • 978-960-03-5267-2
  • 560 pages
  • 2011

Everything is connected. On reading this romance/crime, open-ended novel, you wil lsee why. We have a black comedy starring: a pair of ruthless, devious godfathers, bosses of two equally powerful crime circles, trapped in a relentless war bent on mutual obliteration; their chief henchmen; a deputy minister, steeped in corruption; a femme fatale pop singer; an unutterably alluring stripper; an authoress of bestselling chick lit;a highranking cop, a closet –yet consistent– Communist; the son-in-law of a high-circulation newspaper; an SOB reporter; a parade of scoundrels, criminals and kickback-subsisting characters; and the narrator, a ghost of his former self who, forced by circumstance, becomes entangied with the lot of them, tossed in the cement-mixer of an absurd, colossal vendetta, seeking refuge and an outlet in Saramago’s Seeing and Death with Interruptions. A parody novel on organized crime, corrupt politicians, love and literature. Written in white heat, it has a highly original plot filled with twists and turns, a succession of climaxes, and a liberating, thought-provoking quasi-finale…