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A Harem of Men

A Novel

A Harem of Men
  • 978-960-03-5254-2
  • 224 pages
  • 2011

What need inspires the book’s heroine to place an ad seeking to create a harem of six men? What motives drive the candidates to write back, shouldering one sixth of her cost of living each? What common ground can be found amongst a Dionysean lover who likes to recite poetry, a romantic nature lover, a gay artist, an Athenian painter, an archaeologist/traveller and atechnocrat?

In her novel A Harem of Men, a book steeped in irony and permeated by a playfully philosophical mood, Sophia Mandouvalou attempts a fathoming of woman’s existence and its relationship, obviousor otherwise, with her male life partner. In the erotic game she creates, the weaknesses inherent to the communication between the sexes come to the surface, and through an unexpected twist she proposes a solution to a riddle that has been plaguing the female population for many years: who isthe ideal partner, able to handle the complexity of the female experience?