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Kastaniotis Editions S.A was established in 1968 by Athanassios Kastaniotis, who is today the Chairman and Managing Director of the Publishing Company.


A Novel

  • 978-960-03-5253-5
  • 352 pages
  • 2011

Sunday, October 4, 2009: The day of the legislative elections. While Greece is on the threshold of a new phase in its history, with the global financial crisis knocking persistently on her door, two people come together under unexpected circumstances: Vassilis, a taciturn nineteen-year-oldtrying to solve the riddle of his father’s suicide, and Petros, a middle-aged journalist mourning the death of his wife for many years. While the city of Athens throbs to the beat of the political developments, this odd couple enters into a wild adventure, roaming the darkness of the past and ultimately confronted with the ever-crucial issues of power, love and death. Within a matter of hours, and by the time the final count is in, all which they’ve experienced and managed to live through will have changed their lives forever – a change similar to that of the collective Greek fate.