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The Desert Approaches

A Novel

The Desert Approaches
  • 978-960-03-5233-7
  • 192 pages
  • 2011

In a city which is seemingly crumbling, ageing and plunging into silence, in difference and the melancholy of shadow-like people, four friends, escaped mental patients from the asylum, assume the names of the Marx Brothers and set up a band, none of them ever having studied music. Like angels bearing a vague message, they play their music everywhere, trying to draw out from their audience images and feelings while, in their own peculiar code, attempting to leave an indelible mark on their times. Tagging along is Bella the Beauty, who flirts with death, tells marvellous, savage stories, striving to put a sense of order to the chaos though ultimately destined to lose herself in the chaos of her stories. The grim city seems to be seeking a ray of light, while yellow dust blown in from the desert falls and settles upon it and while the book’s protagonists, hapless and helpless, try to articulate a new Logos from the scrappy elements of Chaos.