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The Parthenon bomber

Novella, Revised issue, October 2010

The Parthenon bomber
  • 978-960-03-5115-6
  • 96 pages
  • 2010

It is extremely important that my motives aren’t misconceived. I never meant to harm anybody. I didnt  want to cause destruction. It wasnt my aim to deprive of that which was priceless. I sought only to liberate from that considered to be of unrivalled perfection. I perceived myself to be offering a gift, an exit, a challenge. I opened the window and saw it glowing, through its electric, orange veil. I was right. It had to fall, no matter what the cost.

The main character of the book bears no name, only the initials: H.K. He remains a teenager. Older, perhaps, in years, but a teenager nonetheless. He is possessed by an idiosyncratic teenage messianism. He loves ‘big visions’ and utters grandiose phrases. He follows the tracks of an obscured person, hidden in the dimmer recesses of Modern Greek history.  A shadowy poet and philosopher who decided to put an end to his own life on the 31st of January 1968, leaving behind an almost terrifying cry. H.K. is somewhat persistent. He has ideas and dreams. He and the Parthenon have differences... and one day he decides that the time has come to resolve them.