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Anyone’s time


Anyone’s time
  • 978-960-03-5098-2
  • 120 pages
  • 2010

A bomb exploding in the hands of a terrorist provides Dimitris Nollas with the opportunity to penetrate the inner layers of a terrorist organization: a nine-membered group of men and women, young and old, who comprehend the revolution as a mission, a sacred obligation towards society and history. The author delves into the relationships between the members, the ideologies shaping their conscience, but chiefly the dead ends borne by violence, even as their wicks remain alight in anticipation of a Utopian paradise, a place where neither conquerers nor conquered exist. Psychograph of a messianic terrorist? Anatomy of revolutionary violence? Elegy for its condemned defenders? Blunt but transverse dissection of contemporary Greek society? Dimitris Nollas’ new book is all this and something more: a deeply reflective novel which explores the interaction between politics and ethics, the tragedy of the person who fights power via its own means, going as far as death, not only as a victim but as its own deformed image.