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The interview

Novel, April 2010

The interview
  • 978-960-03-5061-6
  • 192 pages
  • 2010

Following a car accident, Nikos Iona’s life becomes unbearably exciting. Out of the blue, the thirty-year-old insurance agency employee can foretell the exact date of death of a person simply by looking him/her in the eyes. While this totally outrageous gift becomes a source of profit for some, but for him it turns out to be a curse. His personal life falls apart, people fear him, the media hounds him – and, what’s worse, some decide that he’s invaluable to them. Ionas goes on a compulsory vacation inside the dark belly of his own Beast: Greece, Skopje, Italy – where he will narrate his adventures before the camera, isolated and hidden in a villa in Assisi.

A novel of cinematographic proportions, about the thriller our life can become, when we –consiously or otherwise– violate the strict boundaries which determine our existence.