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Summer snow

Novel, April 2010

Summer snow
  • 978-960-03-5047-0
  • 384 pages
  • 2010

How does a child feel when the members of its family are mysteriously transformed into strangers? What happens when the boundaries between the familiar and the unknown disintegrate? How can one co-exist with his deepest fears? During the summer of 1983, eight-year old Leonidas lives in a village in the Peloponnese awaiting the return of his –inexplicably long-absent– mother. When she shows up on his birthday, Leonidas doesn’t recognize her. Not only has her appearance changed but her attitude as well. His suspiciousness towards her is intensified by the unexpected visit of aenigmatic stranger: a threatening, menacing type who follows their every move and seems to have much to hide...

A novel of memory, love and betrayal, through the eyes of the past and the present. A novel about the weight of choices made at a tender age, the harshness of maturity, and the atonement that always comes too late.