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And with eyes closed, I will see

Novel, November 2009

And with eyes closed, I will see
  • 978-960-03-4993-1
  • 552 pages
  • 2009

I safeguard the stars to keep them alight.


In the interwar years Theodoros grows up in his village in North Epirus. During the same period, young Vaso spends wild days in her home near Kalamata. The two children live through World War II amidst great difficulties. As teenagers they find themselves on opposing sides during the Greek civil war. They meet by chance in Athens in 1948 and love conquers all. Together they struggle, with persistence and zest and life scars their bodies and souls. Their love comes up against the powerful, the narrow-minded, the stubborn, the hunger and the poverty; each time surviving on their mutural faith in each other, a faith constantly recharged amidst the laughter and carryings on of the post-war optimism that ‘better days’ approach: History however, always harsh, will once again entangle them in  the 1967 dictatorship, and, progressively, back them into the corner of today’s satiated indifference.