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The one-eyed pirate

and other tales of piracy

The one-eyed pirate
  • 978-960-03-4934-4
  • 176 pages
  • 2009

In «The one-eyed pirate» and the other stories about pirates of this book, fascinating personalities of greek piracy come to light, with whom, up until now, the general public has been unacquainted: captain Tromaras, Ioannis Kapsis, the knight-pirate Hugo de Crevelier, Spyros Fragkopoulos from Cefallonia, Giovanni Delocavo from the island of Anaphi, the knight  sir Teremau from Naxos and many other pirates  and high sea adventurers who, though they have assumed the status of legends, yet, remain at the margin of official History. Individuals who diverged widely from the norm, driven out, rebels and, at the same time, tormented souls who lived within their own autonomous communities, with their own specific laws and moral codes, who founded kingdoms, brought down dynasties and left behind an entire mythology surrounding their life and actions.

A meander along the legendary sea routes of the Aegean, an enchanting look at the subject matter of piracy as it emerges from literary narratives and from the study of the period’s historical archives.