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Guilty Secrets

A novel

Guilty Secrets
  • 978-960-03-4924-5
  • 224 pages
  • 2009

While Stella and Marianna are enjoying their friendship and the carefreeness of adolescence, life will bring them face to face with the harshest test. After that, nothing will be the same any more. The two girls will come of age violently, in the course of a single night, and a deadly secret will from now on determine the course of their lives. Years will pass and the two, young women by now, will embark on the search for happiness, success, love. Fate, however, will not leave them out of her  ploys. Yet again, it will set out its traps. Several strange, inexplicable events will take place and one in particular, horrific and incredible, will turn their lives upside down. They will then have to struggle with their feelings of guilt,  unearth guilty secrets and pay a heavy price, in order to earn their share of love.