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On her first high-heels

A novel

On her first high-heels
  • 978-960-03-4918-4
  • 272 pages
  • 2009

It’s nice when a bright green wind blows, full of pine needles and resin, and you can hear the kilometres rush by, under the wheels of the ride you hitched, when the road forks out before you making you laugh… or when you put on your firt high-heel shoes… And then comes the storm, the demands of dead-end love affairs, the ill-tempered family pictures; lightness turns to weight and you are standing there, at the turning point of the seasons, at the road’s turn, facing an uphill climb which is your life with your luggage at hand: the man leading the way,  the woman spreading the underground tentacles of her own survival.


Helessa Strati, in mid- adolescence, stumbles upon unfinished love affairs, left unconsummated under the suffocating breath of a family that is almost normal, experiencing betrayals and shame. In this environment ,she will seek the true face of life: love and freedom. However, the pace of the acceleration of events will be dizzying and her journey from the years of girlish madness to maturity will be full of surprises and unforeseeable turns. Will she manage to come out intact from the rights of passage to adulthood?