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Poseidon’s tailor

A novel

Poseidon’s tailor
  • 978-960-03-4905-4
  • 464 pages
  • 2009

On an idyllic greek island lives a strange boy with no name, singled out and stigmatised because his mother is the beautiful Thalia, the island’s whore who is trying to raise him against the odds of the island’s small society, who refuse to forgive her sinful past.  She initiates him into clothes-making but she also infects him with her two obsessions: her passion for money and her craving for revenge. When, some years later, she dies, her obsessions become life motives for the unchristened youth. He shuts himself in the old mansion by the lighthouse in order to set out his ambitious plan for getting on equal terms with the others. With his incomparable charm and a wealth of knowledge as his weapons, the young tailor will “stage” a story made of gold, love and death that will wrap itself like a web around himself but, also, around all of the island’s inhabitants.