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The secret of the last page

A novel

The secret of the last page
  • 978-960-03-4859-0
  • 464 pages
  • 2009

Christos Cassios, journalist, literary critic and a lover of old books, starts collecting data about the history and the members of a forgotten literary group of friends which operated in Athens during the fifties. Initially, the research seems to him harmless and, also, liberating, as it provides a distraction from his day-to-day life. Nevertheless, with each step, he sinks deeper into an ambiguous and dark region, into a paper labyrinth full of secret passages. At a turning point in terms of his biological age, and while fighting to reconcile himself with the losses that haunt his days, the hero of the book wanders in autmnal Athens, looking for traces of those unknown creators. A strange stamp, always  in the last page of old tomes instigates a mysterious journey: an unforeseen adventure in the world of antique bookshops, in a world where the book is the protagonist, not as a collector’s item or as merchandise, but as the final repository of human sensitivity and inventiveness.