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Rough velvet

Short stories

Rough velvet
  • 978-960-03-4702-9
  • 216 pages
  • 2008


2009 Short Story Award of the magazine DIAVAZO

Rough velvet is the embrace of tenderness and hardness. The  coexistence of the soft with the harsh; of the daring with the innocent. It is the soul’s craving to live inside the body but, also, beyond it. The ritual of crime. It is love, madness and revenge. The intoxication of transgression. Sin as the jump-off point for emotional intensity  and excitement, which pulverizes the boundaries of convention and of nature. Characters who sacrifice theirt life in order to exist, the renegades but also the lovers of everyday life. It is the irrational counter- argument which opens wide the gates of a universe where every eventuality is open and plausible.

In the short stories of Maria Kouyoumdzi, the erotic and incorruptible aspect of life is revealed. A world of saints and demons where people break free from misery and move haughtily towards disorder and chaos, seeking in this overturning, the much longed for redemption.