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Maria Stamataki

Maria Stamataki-Margari is a dance teacher, a dancer and a choreographer. She is a graduate of the National School of  Dance. In 1985, she was chosen to represent Greece at the 36th International Festival of Modern Dance in Dresden. In the «Month of Dance» the following of her works have been presented: Ostinato, When the body belongs to me, The mystery of female voices, The glass bowl with the buttons. She has founded the performing group «Chorologion» and has staged her works Oedipus III, My bed, my memory and Two or three chairs I remember. Since 1982, she has founded a dance school in Pireas. She scripts and presents the radio show for children Changing History, for a private station. She also writes fairytales, poetry and short stories. In 2005, her first novel, I was the last woman who loved me, was published by Kastaniotis editions.

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