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Katerina Karizoni

Katerina Karizoni was born in Thessalonika. She studied economics and holds a doctorate in Finances from the Aristotelion University of Thessalonika. She has worked for fifteen years at the National Bank of Greece and has published novels, poetry and children’s books.

Novels: My Fallen Angel (1997), Waltz in the rain (2001), Tea with Kavafis (2004), Grand Algiers (2006)

Poetry: First rains (1969), Dimensions (1971), Pinocchio (1973), Unexpected summer (1978), Tea and mythology (1985), Full moon on Fragkon st., (1990), The peacocks of the Vlatadon Monastery (1993), The tailor Radoslav from 1470 (2001), The feminine face of poetry in Thessalonika (anthology, 2006), Ressalto (2009).

Children’s books: A thousand and one nights of the Balkans (1990), Shakespeare in 7+2 fairytales (1990), The court trial of the fairytales (1992), The journey of the emperor with the lost face (1993), Fairytales from operas (1997), The journey of the fairytales (1998), Once upon a time in a forest clearing (2005), The magic flute (2005).

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