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Dora Yannakopoulou

Dora Yannakopoulou was born and raised on the island of Mytilini. On finishing her studies in drama in Athens, she acted and sang in Bredam Beham’s play A Hostage, produced by Leonidas Trivizas at the «Cyclical Thetre», with songs written for the play by Mikis Theodorakis. At that point, she started a parallel career as a theatre actor and a singer, appearing in plays, films and before live audiences in Plaka. She put out an album with the songs from The Hostage, a second one titled Omorfi Poli (Beautiful City) with songs by Theodorakis, Bost and Kakoyannis and a third with Odysseas Elytis’ Small Cyclades.

During the junta she went abroad, and with a small troop, she toured countries of eastern and western Europe, presenting an idiosyncratic repertory based on the music of Mikis Theodorakis.

After the reinstatement of democracy, she almost immediately gave up the theatre and singing. Her first novel, The Wedding Dress Fitting was published in 1993 and achieved enormous popularity. Actually, it was her first piece of writing, followed by a short story, titled «O Papardos» («The darn Priest») which was published in 1995, in the literary magazine Lexi. Her second novel, The Great Anger, came out in 1996. Both novels became television series in two of the major tv channels, ANT-1 and MEGA,  directed by Kostas Koutsomitis. There followed the novels Through the eyes of love (1999), The three widows (2001) which became a tv series in ALPHA channel, My sinful angel (2002), Obstacle race of love (2004) and The medallion (2007).


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