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Foreign rights

Kastaniotis Editions S.A was established in 1968 by Athanassios Kastaniotis, who is today the Chairman and Managing Director of the Publishing Company.

Fotini Tsalikoglou

Fotini Tsalikoglou studied at Geneva University and took Clinic Psychology as her major honors. She teaches Psy­cho­logy at Pantio University and conducts the ‘Psychology and Mass Media’ Cross-sector Postgraduate Program. Her scientific work published is: Schizophrenia and murder (In search of Paradise Lost); Violence and repression mythos; The dangerous psychopath legend; Psychologically; Psychological (The baits of self-evident); Contemporary psychology in Greece; The other shore (attn.), and What if (Dialogues with Margarita Karapanou). She also published the tale Earth fairy (illustration by Alexis Kiritsopoulos). Published by Kastaniotis Editions: Anthi Alkaiou’s , daughter, Potioning Eros, I dreamed I was healthy, I, Martha Freud, and All worlds’ affirmations. Furthermore, the scientific essays Psyc­hology of every day live (The culture of the transient); The soul in consumption land, and You don’t love me. You love me (The mysteries of mother affection).

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