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Demetrios Issaias

Demetrios Issaias was born in Athens in 1952 and graduated from the National Technical University’s School of Architecture in 1976. Since his student days he has been collaborating with Tassis Papaioannou, with whom he set up architectural practice in 1979. He has designed public and private projects, and participated in numerous architectural competitions with proposals that have yielded large number of awards. The latter, has been a significant portion of his work but also a field of research and reflection. His work has been presented in Greek and international bibliography and in various exhibitions. The list of works of Demetrios Issaias and Tassis Papaioannou includes the Court House at Aigio (1st prize National Architectural Competition 1988), the office building in Athens (prize EIA 2000), the Arsakeia Schools of Patras (2004) and Tirana (2007) and the Environment Museum of Stymphalia (special prize EIA 2008). He has also carried out research on housing at the National Centre for social Research (1984-1992) and the Johns Hopkins Center for Metropolitan Planning and Research (1982-1983). Teaching architecture in the School of Athens  (NTUA) has been an important  influence in his practice. In 1992 he was elected a lecturer at School of Architecture, Department of Architectural Design, at the National Technical University and continues to teach as Associate Professor. He has been attending in the public dialogue for architecture and the city, with his continuous interventions, articles and lectures. He has written with others the book “Architecture. Ideas that meet-ideas that stray” (2004).

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