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Nikos Pilavios

Born in Athens in 1943, Nikos Pilavios -a well known TV producer, director and writer in Greece- studied drama at the Greek National Theatre School and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He worked as a theatre actor until 1974. Subsequently, he was employed by the Greek State Television and Radio Company, as Head of Children's Programmes Department, to produce and direct programs for both radio and television, and to translate, edit and write scripts while, at the same time, started to teach drama to children and Kindergarten teachers. Discovering Krishnamurti and his work in July 1984 dramatically changed his life. He attended all of Krishnamurti's public talks and question-and-answer meetings in England, Switzerland and India from then on until December 1985. In addition, he had several personal encounters with Krishnamurti. Soon after the latter's death in February 1986, he and a group of friends joined together to found the Krishnamurti Library of Athens. In 1987 he resigned from Greek State Television and founded his own production company. He expanded his educational activities by founding the Centre of Creative Expression in 1988, an institute for post-graduate studies in the performing arts for teachers of all educational levels. He wrote three children's books: The Flying Storyteller, The Wizard of the Blue Mountain, The Great Adventure. Apart from translating various works from English to Greek, he also composed a book for adults, entitled When the Children are asleep. He translated into Greek the following books by Krishnamurti: Last Talks at Saanen, Letters To a Young Friend, The Ending of Time, The Notebook, The Journal, Krishnamurti to Himself. Nikos is married and has a daughter and a son.

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